4 Key Factors to Consider Before Implementing Sales Coaching

Hiring sales coaching can be hard. We know that first hand, it’s what we do! We talk to countless insurance agents who are up to their necks in options. It can be confusing, scary, and unknown territory with little or no guarantees on performance.

Take a look at 4 Key Factors our successful insurance agent partners have considered before implementing their sales coaching.

1. Are they qualified to teach, train, and coach? - When hiring a company or consultant to perform teaching, training, and coaching, you must make sure they are vetted. They must be able to have previously provided resources that show you they know what they are talking about. The resources at their disposal during marketing, prospecting, presentation, and pricing should display the professionalism they convey. They should have answered your teaching, training, and coaching related questions with ease, and without doubt or hesitation. If you get the sense that the person you are talking to on the other line is full of it...they just might be. You should know about their business process when it comes to partnerships, their commitment to you as a partner, their initiatives as a business to continue providing value, and their guarantees. These are standard business practices by reputable businesses, and if you find someone is unable to provide them, RUN. The last thing your insurance agency needs, is an unqualified person who hasn’t been in your shoes before showing you how to work the ropes. It’s called a track record, and if they can’t show it, then they don’t deserve your business.

2. Is their knowledge specific to my industry? - Insurance policies sell a lot different than cars. If you are going to be paying for training and coaching, you should not be settling for anything less than industry specific training. Each industry has different nuances to it’s marketing, prospecting, selling, closing, and customer success. There’s a reason large sales organizations rarely hire sales management outside of their industry. It takes months for an industry outsider to meet the needs and requirements of an unfamiliar industry. It’s rare someone sells a car over the phone, yet 88% of car insurance sales happen via the internet or phone. If this is the case, why would you hire a former car salesman to train your insurance sales team? You need a healthy mix of both in-person salesmanship, as well as proven phone methods to see your insurance agency hit their goals. You’re going to be spending your hard earned dollars on this training, you better make it count. It's difficult to teach someone how to catch a certain kind of fish, if you haven't done it successfully yourself already.

3. Do they have the accessible tools to meet my needs? - What kind of content are you getting for your investment? It’s hard to believe that a webinar and a PDF packet are going to be the solution your insurance agency is looking for when trying to see continued growth. If it was that simple, everybody would be doing it! You can’t measure your employee’s growth outside of sales numbers with just a webinar and a packet. Salespeople aren’t engaged with lengthy one-off webinars, or laundry lists of scripts and reading materials. You should be accompanying templates, scripts, and reading materials with short, comprehensive, and engaging content. Find ways to reward employees with educational achievements. Recognition of educational achievements for low performing employees, can lead to a 30% increase in production in just 90 days! We lose sight of how important we feel, and the confidence that comes with completing a series of challenges, and earning a non-monetary reward for that achievement. You must have up-to-date technology and resources on hand to facilitate exponential growth. You can’t do something just once, and be great at it forever. Nobody ever hit the gym, lost ten pounds, and kept the weight off without ever working out again. You have to continually commit and dedicate yourself to growth. We like to talk about Peyton Manning (former NFL Quarterback and Super Bowl Champion) a lot in our company. Not only is he one of the most statistically impressive NFL Quarterbacks of all-time, but also the most committed. He was incredibly smart, and executed every play in a way no other player at his position could. Especially at his age in the later years! Manning would train, exercise, watch game film, practice, drill, rehearse, and study nearly 60 hours a week! He did all this to be the best he could be at a craft he performed for 60 minutes, once a week, 17 times a year! If he can do that, you and your team can definitely dedicate 30 minutes a day to something you do 40 hours a week, for the rest of your life. Your training platform must be able to handle that requirement for you and your insurance agency. Gain insight on your potential partner's tools and resources carefully.

4. What is their business model and guarantees? - This follows on the heels of the factor to consider listed above. Your platform should have a commitment to your ongoing success. It’s hard to achieve that success with a one-time transaction where you receive a webinar and a PDF packet in return. Real world results cost real world resources. Very rarely can you find the value needed to run a successful insurance agency in a one time transaction. Think of it in the terms of your insurance agency. You continue to support your current clients, because providing them ongoing success is your success as well. If you can give them top tier support and service, knowledgeable info on solutions you can facilitate to meet their needs, and a commitment to providing them the most success out of their insurance - their success is your success! The work you do also costs resources on your end. Service Reps to handle the accounts, marketing materials (birthday cards, renewal letters, life insurance offer letters), Sales Reps to close new business, an office for them to come in and be provided those solutions, utilities, and all the other back-end requirements that come with running a business. Your coaching and training partner should be conducted themselves in the same manner and respect. If you buy a webinar and a packet with a one time transaction, there’s no dedication to your success. However, if you pair yourself with a partner who has an ongoing commitment to see you succeed, then your growth and coaching needs will be met at a far superior level than others can offer.

Insurance Lead HQ is committed to helping it’s partners find success in their clients, their employees, and their industry. We live, breathe, and eat insurance, it’s what we do! Your success if our future. If you would like to request more info on our products and services, Contact Us today via our website. If we can provide more additional resources, be sure to look at our Blog Page to learn more about what successful insurance agents are currently doing!


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